The Stats are out!

Amid the COVID 19 Pandemic, The Colorexa team wishes our friends and families to be with continued health and safety.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that despite the many challenges due to Covid 19, Colorexa maintains its position as one of largest processors and exporters of quinoa out of Peru, this continues to be a great effort considering the fact that Peru has over 100 exporters that in some capacity are working with quinoa.

We can argue that quinoa is just quinoa, HOWEVER, we bring additional value to the sourcing effort by providing customers with US service & backing (no other company in Peru has such capability), consistent product that is only achieved by operating our own plant and not using third party facilities and last but not least, container management from point A to point B.

As our commitment to be a leader in our industry remains more than ever, we sincerely thank our customers for their business and preference, while also invite others to benefit from our valued approach.

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