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We are dedicated to the production, exportation and distribution of Peruvian natural products and ingredients.

Colorexa is a vertically integrated firm with more than 12 years of experience with natural foods. Our ingredients are sourced from the high altitudes of the Andes to the widespread jungles of the Amazon.

Why Choose Us?


Colorexa´s mission is to offer products with the highest international quality standars, utilize the most up-to-date production technology, and establish a high commitment to the sustenance and safety of our enviroment.


Our vision is to be a direct link between the biodiversity of The Andes and Amazon sourced ingredients to global manufactures, distributors and retailers. This idea based on our unique approach to local service and direct handling of ingredients that are sourced in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Our Values are based on the undesrtanding that our efforts are a combination of equitable actions. Our direct relationaship with farmers and co-ops, the dediaction of our global workforce and lastly the preference of clients that appreciate quality, service and see great in our efforts.

High Quality Superfoods

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Creating a World of Sustainable Nutrition

As children on the land, we are commited to quality

All Natural Products


  • White Quinoa – Conventional & Organic
  • Red Quinoa – Conventional & Organic
  • Black Quinoa – Conventional & Organic
  • Mix Quinoa – Conventional & Organic

– Chia Seeds
– Amaranth Grains
– Kaniwa Grains

– Quinoa Flour
– Quinoa Instant Flour
– Quinoa Sterilized Flour

– Cacao Powder / Cacao Nibs
– Brazil Nuts
– Yacon Syrup
– Maca Powder and Black Maca Powder (Raw and Gelatinized)

As children on the land, we are commited to quality

care of mother earth and those around us

1. Environment

We govern ourselves in a manner that is above and beyond enviromental laws.

2. Bearable

After almost 10 years of experience, we have created relationships with co-ops that allow us to remain consistent through changes in the market.

3. Sustainable

Working with local farms and co-ops allow for crop rotation, maintaning the helath of the soil and nutrition of our products.

4. Economic

Being directly from the source and vertically integrated, allows to offer the best pricing, high quality, and outstanding service.

5. Viable

Since our humble beginnings, we have benefited of consisted growth, keep on reinvesting in our production and more importantly in people.

6. Social

In 2012 we create Happy Litte Faces, our non-profit pre school that provides free education school esentials, and food for the empoverish children of Lima, Peru.

7. Equitable

Our efforts bring unbiased benefits to the many farmers and co-ops that we closely work with.

Unique Proposition

Our take is simple but extremely unique: when working with us, you are working with the source from offices in the US, Europe and Asia

Partening with us enables you tu work with a direct processor and exporte that is based right at place of origin. By doing so, we provide all benefits off working directly with a firm from the source while being serviced right inside the United States, Europe and Asia

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